North Spain’s best birding sites

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Picos de Europa - including specific sites where you can see Wallcreeper, Snow Finch, Middle Spotted Woodpecker, Rock Thrush and ‘no-spotted’ Bluethroat

Villafafila - find out exactly where to see flocks of Great Bustards and breeding Lesser Kestrels

Gallocanta - possibly the most spectacular gathering of cranes you can witness in Europe

Pyrenees around Jaca - including the Hecho Valley, San Juan de la Pena, Astun, Riglos and Loarre

Sierra de Guara - including details of several sites where you can expect to find wallcreepers and three sites where food is put out to attract vultures including Lammergeiers.

The Zaragoza Plains - with specific details of 3 sites where you will find Dupont’s Larks, plus other sites for bustards, sandgrouse, Black Wheatear etc.

Plains south of Lleida - with details of exactly where I’ve seen Little Bustard, Pin-tailed Sandgrouse, Great Spotted Cuckoo, Roller, Black Wheatear and Black-shouldered Kite, plus exactly where I’ve failed to find Dupont’s Lark and Lesser Grey Shrike.

Serra de Salas - a mountain region with all 4 species of vulture, all viewable at close range from a hide at a feeding station

The following sites are all included in my book Finding Birds in North Spain and many are also covered in my DVD of the same title.

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Click on any of the sites below to find photos as well as updates provided by myself or other readers. If you have further information to add to these pages, please email me at