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The books for birders who want to see more birds on their foreign birding trips.

No other books highlight the best sites so clearly and tell you exactly where to go, in such detail and with such precise maps.

“ are paying for quality, first-hand information from somebody who knows what he is talking about. When you get into the field armed with a Gosney guide, the small financial outlay you made will quickly become insignificant in comparison to the usefulness it brings — trust me on that one.”                 Richard Bonser, (click here for full review)

Sample pages


New series

Dave is in the process of updating his classic series of site guides. Books in this new series will often be based on titles in the original series but will include:

  1. Many new sites that have become popular since the first book was written

  2. Completely new maps for many sites, even more detailed and precise than before

  3. Brand new information based mostly on Dave’s recent visits to that area

  4. A thorough review of other published material including literally dozens of recent trip reports published on the internet

  5. GPS co-ordinates for each site so you know exactly where to turn-off or where to park

The following new (since 2009) titles are now available:

Finding Birds in Andalucia

Finding Birds in Morocco: the deserts (updated 2018)

Finding Birds in Morocco: coast and mountains (updated 2017)

Finding Birds in North Goa

Finding Birds in North Spain (updated 2017)

Finding Birds in Southern Cyprus

Finding Birds in Lapland

Finding Birds in South Finland

Finding Birds in Estonia

Finding Birds in South Texas

Finding Birds in The Gambia (updated 2019)

Finding Birds in Mallorca: new book

Finding Birds in South Portugal: new book

Finding Birds in Extremadura

Finding Birds in the Canaries

Finding Birds in South-west Turkey

Finding Birds in Northern Greece

Finding Birds in North-west Turkey

Finding Birds in Hungary

Finding Birds in Eastern Poland

Finding Birds in the South of France

Finding Birds in Catalonia

Finding Birds in mid France

Finding Birds in Eastern Bulgaria

Finding Birds in South-east Romania

Finding Birds in Corsica

Finding Birds in Languedoc-Roussillon

Finding Birds in Southern Croatia

Finding Birds in Montenegro and Herzegovina

Sites covered on DVD too

Many of the sites in each book are also featured in a DVD of the same title. There is simply no better way of finding out what a place is REALLY like before you actually go there. The DVD gives you a real ‘feel’ for each area.  It includes footage of birds filmed there on a recent visit so you get an idea of the birds you can see and the sort of views you can expect. All the birds are filmed on a High-Definition  video camera so you’ll want to enjoy them again and again.

Original series

Many of Dave’s original books are still best-sellers, because of the unique detail that goes into the maps and descriptions, designed to get you to exactly the right places to see the best birds. Although most were written in the 1990’s, many have been updated, either via the update pages or in supplements to the original book. Titles available in the original series are:

Eastern Austria

Turkey - Ankara to Birecik

Eastern Turkey


Egypt (now with 2011 supplement)

To find out how to buy any of these titles, click here

Papers by Dave Gosney

The Sorby Record, the journal of natural history for the Sheffield area has published several of Dave’s papers giving details of bird counts around Sheffield. Two of these volumes are available here

Sorby Record 2020

Sorby Record 2021

The following titles are no longer available

Northern Morocco (replaced by Morocco: coast and mountains)

Southern Morocco (replaced by Morocco: the deserts)

Northern Spain (replaced by North Spain, Catalonia and Extremadura)

Southern Spain (replaced by Finding Birds in Andalucia)

Mallorca (replaced by Finding Birds in Mallorca: new book)

Cyprus (replaced by Finding Birds in Southern Cyprus)

Finland (replaced by South Finland and Lapland)

Southern Portugal (replaced by South Portugal)

Canary Islands (replaced by Finding Birds in the Canaries)

Greece (replaced by Finding Birds in the Northern Greece)

Western Turkey (replaced by South-west Turkey and North-west Turkey)

Hungary (replaced by Finding Birds in Hungary: new book)

Poland (replaced by Finding Birds in Eastern Poland)

Southern France (replaced by Finding Birds in the South of France)

Northern France (replaced by Finding Birds in mid-France)

Bulgaria (replaced by Finding Birds in Eastern Bulgaria)

Romania (replaced by Finding Birds in South-east Romania)

Finding Birds in....