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Catalonia:        Montgri and Estartit

                        Serra de Cadi - Coll de Pal

                        Monasterio San Pere de Rodes 

Montenegro     Tivat salinas (Solila Nature reserve)

Bulgaria           Maljovice



                        Lake Mandra (west)

mid-France      Lac de Remoray


                       Euville quarry    

Andalucia:       Lagunas de Palos y Las Madres

South Finland: Parikkala village



Estonia:           Hollywood Hill




Portugal:          Lagoa da Sancha

                        Lagoa de Bem Pais

Morocco:         Barrage El Mansour

South-west Turkey:    Pamukkale

                                   Milas Gravel Pits

                                   Around Kalkan

South of France: Causse de Blandas  


Made on a Mac

In some cases, there just wasn’t enough room in my book for all the sites I visited, so I’ve created this section for any extra maps and sites that aren’t in the books.

It may appear that I didn’t see much at some of these sites. In general this is why they are not included in the books which describe in detail where I did see the key species. Even if I failed to find some of the target birds, these maps and notes indicate some of the good birds that I did see.

Click on any of the highlighted sites below for a detailed online map