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Information for birdwatchers

For more information about birdwatching sites and birder-friendly accommodation in countries throughout the world, visit

Birding holidays with Dave Gosney

In 2015 Dave will be leading holidays to Turkey, Portugal and Morocco for Oriole Birding. For details of these and other birding holidays visit

Amazing photographic opportunities in Spain

Bird photographers will drool at the prospect of using special hides to photograph birds in Spain such as vultures and bustards as organised by

For all the easybirder video trailers, visit

Mark Thompson of Hidden Gambia ( not only runs the Bird Safari Camp, an excellent place to stay upriver, but can also arrange complete itineraries including accommodation, guides and transport for any Gambia holiday

Upriver trips in the Gambia

Modou Colley ( is one of the most experienced Gambian bird guides. He can arrange complete itineraries for visiting birdwatchers including transport, accommodation and guides

Birdwatching itineraries in the Gambia

On our visit to the Gambia we stayed at some fantastic lodges, all of which were set in the countryside with lots of birds in and around each lodge. We can therefore thoroughly recommend Footsteps Eco-lodge ( Farakunku Lodges (, Sandele Eco retreat ( and Jinack Lodge ( all of which are featured in our DVD. Why stay in the ghastly tourist-ridden coastal strip when you could stay in one of these fabulous places which in some cases are CHEAPER than the Senegambia Beach Hotel?

Note: the url for Footsteps is incorrectly given in the book and DVD as just when it should be

Outstanding accommodation in the Gambia

Birdwatching guides in the Gambia

We used several different guides in the Gambia and can recommend all of them:

Modou Colley (,

Ebrimah Njie (,

Mustapha Kassama (

and Yankuba Tamba (