Goa’s best birding sites

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The following sites are all included in my book Finding Birds in North Goa and many are also covered in my DVD of the same title.

Click here for a sample from one of my books

Click here for a trailer of the DVD series.

Click on any of the sites below to find photos as well as updates provided by myself or other readers. If you have further information to add to these pages, please email me at dave@easybirder.co.uk

Lloyd Fernandez

Lloyd is one of the local birdwatching guides in Goa. He runs an enterprise called Birds and Breakfast in which he takes birders in his own minibus and provides breakfast as well during visits to birding sites. On the basis of what I had been told by a birder who had used his services, I wrote in my book that he charges more than most other taxi drivers (for a more upmarket service). However, one of his clients has written to me with details of his prices, showing that his trips are actually no more expensive. I apologise to Lloyd for any harm my comments may have caused - I’ll amend the book too when it is next reprinted.