Morocco’s best birding sites

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Zeida Plain including precise details of where to get good views of Dupont’s Lark

Erfoud including Hotel Said and sites for Desert Warbler and Egyptian Nightjar

Rissani including specific sites for Pharaoh Eagle Owl, Saharan Olivaceous Warbler and Egyptian Nightjar

Merzouga including Auberge Yasmina, Auberge Derkaoua, Dayet Srji and the best site for Desert Sparrow

Erfoud to Boumalne including a reliable site for Scrub Warbler

The Tagdilt track including a regular drinking pool for Crowned Sandgrouse and a reliable site for Mourning Wheatear

Around Ouarzazate including notes on where Mourning Wheatears and Thick-billed Larks have been found

The Sous Valley including a reliable site for Egyptian Nightjar, where to look for Western Orphean Warbler, Fulvous Babbler and Moroccan Magpie and a new site for Hoopoe Lark and Desert Wheatear near Taroudannt

‘The southern routes’ - the roads between Goulimine, Agdz and Mhamid where birders can now look for more Desert Sparrow, Spotted Sandgrouse, Lichtenstein’s Sandgrouse etc

Goulimine area including where to look for Scrub Warbler and Thick-billed Lark


The following sites are all included in my book ‘Finding Birds in Morocco: the deserts’ and many are also covered in my DVD of the same title.

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Click on any of the sites below to find photos and tips about that site. If you have further information to add to these pages, please email me at