Finding Birds in Lapland DVD

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This DVD introduces you to the best birdwatching sites in Finland and Norway, north of the Arctic Circle, and gives you a real ‘feel’ for what it’s like to go there.

The best sites - covers the best birding sites around Varanger fjord, Batsfjord, Karigasniemi, Kiilopaa etc.

The best birds –  features beautiful close-up footage of many of the most sought-after birds in Scandinavia, all filmed using high-definition digital video cameras

The best informationfind out more about the sites and their birds, including what to listen for, to help you find more species

This film shows exactly what it’s like to visit Arctic Scandinavia in June. You’ll see footage of the most exciting species, you’ll get an idea of what each of the sites is like and you’ll learn more about the area and its birds.

Running time: 76 minutes


Here’s a 2-minute trailer to give a flavour of what’s on the DVD


Finding Birds in Lapland

These images are freeze-frames from the DVD Finding Birds in Lapland. More images are found on our facebook page.

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The book of the film

This DVD has been produced in conjunction with a book of the same title so it’s easy to find out all you need about every site in the film. The DVD is ideal for showing you each place and its birds and the book is perfect for giving you lots more information, including detailed maps, in a portable format – together they make the complete guide.