Lapland’s best birding sites

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Varanger fjord including seperate sections giving details for Vadso, Vardo, Hornoy, Ekkeroy and Hamningberg

Tanafjord including Hoyholmen

Batsfjord and Berlevag including the tundra areas en route

The Pasvik Valley including sites for Arctic Warbler, Siberian Jay etc

Valdak marshes and Stabbursdalen - for more than just Lesser Whitefronts

Karigasniemi - where to look for breeding waders and mountain birds

Inari to Utsjoki - including the best site in Scandinavia for Pine Grosbeak

Ivalo and Inari - including sites for Little Bunting, Dotterel, Pine Grosbeak etc

Sodankyla including Kelujarvi (Little and Rustic Bunting sites), Kitinen Valley and Ilmakkiaapa - including exceptional sites for Broad-billed Sandpiper and White-tailed Eagle

Pyhatunturi - a site for Black Woodpecker, Tengmalm’s owl etc

The following sites are all included in my book Finding Birds in Lapland and many are also covered in my DVD of the same title.

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Click on any of the sites below to find photos as well as updates provided by myself or other readers. If you have further information to add to these pages, please email me at