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best birding sites

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Banjul and the Bund Road

The Old Cape Road and Camaloo Corner

Kotu creek and pools, Fajara Golf Course, Casino Cycle track and Atlantic Road

Senegambia and Bijilo Woods

Brufut Woods


Farakunku pools and Lodge walks

Tujereng ‘Woods’

Footsteps Lodge to Sanyang Pools


Kartong Sand Mine and Bird Observatory

Abuko Woods

Pirang, Makasutu, Mandina Ba and Farasuto forest

Bonto forest

Faraba Banta Bush track

Jinack island

Tendaba, Kiang West, Soma wetlands and Kampanti

North Bank including Ka-urr. Panchang and the waterholes

South Bank from Brikama Ba to Bansang including Kunkilling

Jakhaly rice fields

MacCarthy Island including Bird Safari Camp

The following sites are all included in my book Finding Birds in The Gambia and many are also covered in my DVD of the same title.

Click here for a sample from one of my books

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Click on any of the sites below to find photos as well as updates provided by myself or other readers. If you have further information to add to these pages, please email me at