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Aspro pools

May 2012 This fabulous site has been destroyed, possibly permanently: Paul Saward writes: The Pools below the Aspro dam have been seriously scoured out by this year’s rains. The main pool no longer exists as a pool and we now have  a pebbly river almost from the dam chute, to the second pool,  the old weir  now being by-passed  by a 5m hole through the old bank. This gives a much longer “stream” but no longer do we have the old famous pond. You may recall that there are two access roads into this site. Well now there is only one. The access track  (off the first road up to the dam on the Paphos side) is no longer, having been totally scoured out by the rains. This is now  totally impassable even by 4x4 and access should be got from the little lay-by off the Choletria/Nikokleia road. I note also that the second pool is now very close to the normal track up to the first pool, is clearly in peril, and  someone is already creating a higher-level route off to the right. 

Mike sent this photo to show that the ‘pool’ is now (May 2012) just a pebbly river.

Paphos headland

1st Oct 2014 Isabelline Wheatear on beach. Sparrows in ruins area include at least one Spanish Sparrow. Turnstile to ruins remains padlocked (Lee Nixon)

Cape Drepanum and the Avgas gorge

1st Oct 2014 No signs of Scops Owls but a pair of Little Owls very much in evidence. also  5+ Chukar on hillside opposite. (Lee Nixon)

Mavrokolympos dam

May 2012 The road up to Mavro dam has collapsed in places and hence the road is blocked. (Paul Saward) - still blocked in Sept 2012.

Polis and the Akamas peninsula

29 sept 2014 3 Lesser Kestrels in western outskirts of Polis. Also Long-legged Buzzrds in area. Scops calling throughout. (Lee Nixon)

Evretou and Theletra

1st Oct 2014 No signs of bridge at Evretou Res. Also track down to the SE end is impassible, even to 4 wheel drive I suspect and certainly for ordinary cars as the fellow ahead of us found to his cost.  Literally thousands of Small Blue butterflies here.


May 2012 The reeds by the road at Zakaki Pool have become so overgrown that it is now almost impossible to view the pool (Paul Saward)

June 2012 Zakaki pools are now viewable. (Tony Reeves)

April 2013 Unable to find Zakaki pools. Local resident birders say the new road at the top of Ladies Mile has obliterated this spot for ever. (Clare McKee)

April 2013 Zakaki Pool is still there but the reeds are completely overgrown on the roadside edge.Very easy to drive past this wall of reeds. Another site lost! (James Wilson)

28th Sept 2014 Zakaki Pool visible from raised hide. White Pelican and Spoonbill seen from here. Gate to Bishops Pool shut. I was told it could be opened but didn't try. map suggests an alternative route past monastery but we couldn't find our way through. Great Reed Warbler at Phasouri Reedbed and imm Barred Warbler nearby.  Pallid Harrier male over salt lake. (Lee Nixon)

4th April 2015 Bishops Pool is now behind a high fence with locked doors; the monastery and education centre were also deserted; birders say this site is now always locked (Marian Rowe)

Kensington cliffs

29 Sept 2013 Great views of Eleonora's Falcons in flight. Even better views of perched bird down track to beach. 9 Griffon Vultures soaring over cliffs and headland to west. (Mike Porter)


20-27th March 2012  Lots of birds at site 2 although migration nearly over. Great sightings of: black francolin chukar water rail etc


Finding Birds in Southern Cyprus

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