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The bird tower is the centre-piece of the reserve giving great views over the lake and several marshy areas. In 2010 Little Crakes were heard calling from here. The expanse of water you see here has been recently recreated by digging out less-productive reedbeds. This has made it a better area for ducks and grebes in particular.

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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Described on a poster as ‘the best bird lake in Finland’, this is a terrific site. There are really good viewing facilities to help you see up to 100 species a day, especially waterfowl, raptors and nightsingers. You can expect exceptional views of Slavonian Grebes but you may need a bit of good fortune to see other key species such as White-backed Woodpecker, Little Crake and Bittern or rarities such as Baillon’s Crake and Booted Warbler. You can get help from local guides via

The path to the tower takes you through wooded areas where you will certainly find Thrush Nightingale, Rosefinch and Golden Oriole and there’s a chance of White-backed Woodpecker too.

A recently-built hide gets you even closer to some of the ducks, grebes and terns.

Don’t miss the opportunity to walk the lanes around here at night to listen for nightsingers such as Blyth’s Reed Warbler. from this spot you will also get Spotted Crake, Bittern and, possibly Little Crake. The water you see here, right next to the road, is good for Slavonian Grebes - you’ll get really close views.