Sorby Record

2021 edition

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The Sorby Record is the journal of the Sorby Natural History Society, based in Sheffield. The ‘2021’ edition (published in October 2022 and available here for just £5) includes a paper by myself, Dave Gosney, featuring ‘abundance maps’ for almost all the breeding birds in the Sheffield area.

Dave Gosney writes:

“The bird counts I carried out in the Sheffield area, mostly during the ‘Covid years’ of 2020 and 2021, produced fascinating evidence of changing, mostly declining, bird populations in the Sheffield area.  The ‘2020’ volume of the Sorby Record was entirely devoted to a series of my papers detailing what was happening to bird numbers in different parts of the Sheffield area. My next paper in this later volume of the Sorby Record tries to bring those results together in the form of species ‘abundance maps’ showing changes in numbers across the Sheffield area since 1988-90 and also potential changes in distribution since the last local tetrad atlas survey in 2003-08. These maps provide an easy way to determine what is happening to each species.”

Sample pages

There’s a page in my blog (here) which provides samples of the maps that are included.

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Sorby Record 2021 edition

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