finding Birds: the latest gen

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The FREE APP that allows birders to share the latest information about each of the sites in the Finding Birds books

* add your own sightings or comments

* read what others have seen and exactly where the birds were showing best

Its like having a birders’ log for every site in these books

Dave Gosney says

‘As I’ve travelled in search of birds, one of the most valuable resources has often been a birders’ log at some cafe or auberge close to a birding site - full of observations from other birders who have visited there. But not many sites have such a logbook and, even if they have, you have to take time out from birding to find it and read it. So, I’ve designed this app and made it available free of charge so all birders can keep each other informed of what’s about at sites in many countries. The amount of information in here will be sparse to begin with but as more birders add their own contributions it will build into a valuable resource, updating the sites in my books.

Sample pages

How to get a copy of the app

Available now from any of the links below

The app is designed to be used on a smart phone (including iPhone and Android phones), a tablet (including iPad and Playbook) and any computer.

To use the app on an iPhone iPod Touch or iPad, download it free of charge from the iTunes store by clicking here

To use the app on an Android phone, download it free from the android market by clicking here

To use the app on a Blackberry Playbook, download it free from here

To use the app on a ‘normal’ computer, download it free from here. (This program works using Adobe Air. If you don’t already have a copy on your computer you can download it for free from here)

How to use the App

* Use the simple menu structure to navigate to any site in the books.

* Read what others have reported from that site

* Add your own comments or observations - whatever you think might benefit another birder visiting that site (has anything changed? are the birds still there? was there a particular place where birds were showing best?)

A birders’ log in the hand is worth 2 in the cafe!


Finding Birds:the latest gen

Free app replaced by online update pages

Note: The app is incompatible with the latest versions of iOS and, possibly, android too. I have been told that to fix this would cost hundreds of pounds and may need to be repeated as new versions of operating systems are released. Given that the app is free, I have decided not to continue to support it but to publish all the information on web pages instead. If you have news which would update any of the books, please pass it to me by email ( and I’ll add it to the web pages when I can.