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Paralimni Lake is the largest freshwater wetland on Cyprus and should be fantastic for birds but has recently been degraded as a birding site by numerous unhelpful developments. Furthermore, in recent years it has been mostly dry and relatively unproductive. However, to the west of the main lake are some deeper pools, known as Sotira Pools, that are much less likely to dry out and therefore support birds such as ducks, waders and crakes for most of the year. This is a site that is crying out for protection and management.

Paralimni lake can also be reached from the south-east

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Paralimni lake and Sotira pools

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The view over Paralimni Lake from the west. The main water you can see here is a moto-cross course which is usually dry and of little use for birds

In the foreground is one of the Sotira pools with Paralimni town and lake behind

In 2010 the whole area was flooded, making it difficult to get around the Sotira pools