Finding Birds in Lapland update

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2nd July 2011 At site 3, lots of long-tailed Skuas and lap Buntings plus 2 female Dotterel and only one Snow Bunting. Little of interest at site 2. (from trip report by Martin Austad on travelling

May 2014 The Gyr Falcons are nesting this year at site 1, approximately 30 metres from the previous abandoned nest. (Ekaterina Barabanova)


3rd July 2011 En route to Berlevag we checked at Gednjedalen a site for Purple Sandpiper but failed to find them. Near Berlevag we met some Spanish birders who told us of a nest of Gyrfalcon. There we saw both adults and two grown young (Martin Austad in trip report on travelling

Pasvik valley

26-29 June 2011 Usual species found including Pine Grosbeak, Parrot Crossbill, Capercaillie, Waxwing, Siberian Jay plus one Arctic Warbler, a Little Bunting near Skroytnes, Norways first breeding Red-flanked Bluetail and a Broad-billed Sandpiper at Tommamyra at a site that involved an 8 km walk for birds that are most active at 3am (from a trip report by Martin Austad on travelling

Valdak and Stabbursdal

June/July 2011 Lakes north of Valdak are good for Slav Grebe - 3 pairs on Aigiri and one on Kolvikvannet. Another pair at Stabbursdalen but little else just Whimbrel, Bluethroat, Redstart, Pied Fly and Crossbill (from trip report by Martin Austad on

Inari to Utsjoki

3rd/4th June At site 1, up to 4 Pine Grosbeak, Brambling, Siberian Tit, Mealy Redpoll  (Mark Hows)

29th July 2012 At site 1, Siberian Tit more than 5 Pine Grosbeaks Common Redpolls, Bramblings, Willow Warbler, Greenfinches, Great Tits  (Guillem Izquierdo Aranega)

Varanger fjord

2015 Very few ground-nesting birds close to the road from Hamningberg to Vardo seemingly due to an invasion of Red Foxes. If you want to see ground-nesting birds you have to walk to areas with fewer foxes eg on higher ground above the highest blue cabin at site 7 or higher up the valley inland from site 10. Look also for areas enclosed by water (streams etc) where foxes can’t reach. (Tarjei Jensen)


Finding Birds in Lapland

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