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Now with 2011 supplement

This book is now more complete than ever, thanks to the addition of an 8-page supplement based on material published elsewhere

Dave Gosney writes:

‘I have recently been searching the internet for updates to my books that I can add to the new free app, Finding Birds, the latest gen. In doing so I discovered lots of new information for Egypt: articles in Birding World, the book ‘Pharaoh’s Birds by John  Miles and many trip reports, especially those by Richard Bonser. I felt there was so much stuff, it would be best to bring it all together in the context of a book with my usual maps to make the locations even clearer. I can’t wait to get back to Egypt to do a DVD and a complete revamp of my book but until then, I hope this updated version will be really helpful to anyone who goes there.’

This new version keeps much of the original content but several of the original maps have been redrawn and there is a new 8-page supplement. In total there are 7 pages of new maps and 5 pages of new text including coverage of two new sites.The text of the original book has remained unaltered, so this is not a complete update. Hence the price of this book is still £6 plus postage, like all others in the original series.

The new sites covered are:

Abassa Fish ponds

the southern Red Sea coast

New maps have been done for:

Saint Catherine’s monastery

Abu Simbel


Gebel Asfar

and Sharm el Sheik

These all show new sites in these areas which will make any visit more productive.

Did you know that I’ve also done a 5-page supplement to Finding Birds in Bulgaria based on a visit in 2010?


Finding Birds in Egypt

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