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The best known sites around Baga such as Baga Hill, Arpora Woods and the Beira Mar have each been given a page of their own. This section refers to some of the other sites in that area

All the sites in this section are treated, in detail and with precise maps and directions, in my book ‘Finding Birds in North Goa’

If you have any information which you feel would help to update the book, please email me at and I’ll add your observations to these pages

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Other sites around Baga

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The saltpans opposite the Marinha Dourada hotel can be exceptionally good for waders, herons, kingfishers etc unless the water levels are too high, as here, or too low

This is the palm plantation (page 3 site 4) that has breeding Alexandrine Parakeet. The little pool in the foreground had Pacific Golden Plover in 2009.

With patience, plenty of birds could be seen from the balconies of the Riverside Regency hotel

This is the path that leads out to Baga fields from near the bridge. On our visit it only led into deep water due to the exceptional rainfall in November 2009.

The view from Baga bridge, looking inland. The Riverside Regency hotel is one of the buildings on the left