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The view from the original tower near the nature centre. Note that the coastline has receded so quickly, they’ve had to build another hide further forward.

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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The shallow, coastal bay of Liminganlahti is Finland’s best wetland area, with thousands of geese, ducks, cranes and waders (eg 15,000 Ruff) during passage periods and 1500 pairs of ducks staying to breed. Three species of harrier regularly breed and there have been many sightings of Pallid Harrier. Yellow-breasted Buntings no longer breed here but Terek Sandpiper can still be found, with luck, near Oulu. Finnature run owl- watching tours from here that are usually successful in finding all the northern owls in one day.

The forward hide has glass windows which are great for keeping the cold out but hopeless for using a telescope through. It’s not obvious how to open them but it’s demonstrated in our DVD!

The boardwalk to the two hides: the original on the left, the new one on the right. It used to be possible to find Yellow-breasted Bunting along this path but sadly they’ve probably gone forever.

The Puhkiavanpera tower is set amongst reedbeds so is great for birds such as Bearded Tit and Marsh Harrier

The view from Papinkari bird tower.

Lake Papinjarvi is great for breeding Common Scoter - we counted at least 7 pairs