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Viiksimo  has a wilder feel than Martinselkonen. The bears aren’t in view all the time but, as you can see, they still come very close

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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Viiksimo is a relatively new site for bear-watching but, being further south, it is in an area where wolves and wolverines are not so persecuted so these too are often seen from the hides - though not every night.

You can choose between the large hide

Or one of the more intimate ‘professional’ hides

The Boreal Wildlife Centre is another ex-frontier station. It is run by a wildlife filmmaker Kari Kemppainen - a sort of Finnish Simon King - who will show you some of the amazing footage he has of wolves and wolverines. In 2010 there were no bird feeders here - something i was assured would soon be rectified.