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A site owned by John and Audrey Martin (and hence sometimes called the Martin’s Refuge) and managed as a site for birds with a view to attracting paying photographers. The aim is to demonstrate to other landowners that birds can be a viable economic asset if they are cared for. John hopes this will lead to the establishment of many more such refuges, protecting habitats throughout the USA and beyond.

All the sites in this section are treated, in detail and with precise maps and directions, in my book ‘Finding Birds in South Texas’

If you have any information which you feel would help to update the book, please email me at and I’ll add your observations to these pages

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Javelina ranch

There are a number of hides, many of which are sunk into the ground so photographers get shots from a lower and more interesting angle.

Each hide overlooks either a pool or a feeding station or both. On this visit, a Roadrunner ran between the pond and the hide. Far too close!

The view from inside one of the hides. The pink stuff on the far side of this track is entrails from an abbatoir. The bird on the snag is a Harris’s Hawk; Caracaras fed here too.