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Dave Gosney’s ‘Finding Birds in...’ books have been ‘must-haves’ for travelling birdwatchers for many years. No other guides provide such precise details with such simplicity and clarity, showing exactly where

to go to see the best species with the aid of Dave’s unique hand-drawn maps.

“...the relevant 'Gosney guide' remains foremost on my packing list, alongside the Collins Bird Guide and a map of the country I'm off to.”

                       Richard Bonser, (click here for full review)

Sample pages

Unique features

Compared to other publications covering the same areas, these books:

  1. Provide the most detailed maps - taking the guesswork out of navigating your way around and pointing out EXACTLY where to drive, walk or look from.

  1. Provide text describing what you should look for at numbered points on the maps - nothing could be clearer or easier to follow

  1. Are based largely on the authors own experiences of visiting these sites in just the same way as you would yourself. They tell you what you’re likely to find on a brief visit rather than listing everything that occurs occasionally.

  1. Highlight the best areas only - and summarise the key attraction in the first paragraph so you can easily decide whether to read on or bother to visit the site. This makes things so much simpler when you are planning your trip - you don’t have to read the whole book.

  1. Have a map on the inside cover which serves as an index so you can easily find any site in the book

  1. Are light and portable so they’re easy to take with you and use in the field

  1. Are available at such a reasonable price that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get the information you need

Countries covered

Canary Islands

Southern Portugal

Northern Morocco

Southern Morocco (now updated as Morocco: the deserts)

Northern Spain

Southern Spain (now updated as Finding Birds in Andalucia)


Northern France

Southern France

Eastern Austria





Northern Greece

Western Turkey

Turkey - Ankara to Birecik

Eastern Turkey




Online updates

Many of these titles have had additional information added via the BirdGuides website

See these sites on a DVD

A book can provide lots of information but nothing gives you a better idea of what a place is really like than a DVD. Click here for details of the DVD which supplements the book perfectly.

Finding Birds in...   the classic series

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